The following are a series of seemingly random articles on woodworking topics.


How to Make a Board An article originally written by Dave Barry
Cutting Sheetgoods An article illustrating several techniques and tools for cutting plywood and other sheet goods.
Woodworking in the
Digital Domain
An article explaining the term "digital" as it relates to a selection of woodworking accessories.
Selecting A
This is an explanation of the different types of tablesaws and how they compare to one another.
Left Versus Right
Tilt Tablesaws
An explanation of the "left tilt" versus "right tilt" issue on tablesaws.
Shaper Versus
Router Table
This question gets asked frequently on woodworking forums, this article explains the differences and similarities in machines as well as tooling.
Crosscut Sleds This article describes the uses and reasons for building a cross cut sled and the basic configurations to choose from. It gives some detailed design guidelines but this is not a step by step plan for building a crosscut sled.
Joint Versus
Jig Capability
A brief overview of the joint making abilities of several of the most popular jigs and machines (PDF)
Survey of Sliding
Table Attachments
A review of what a sliding table is, what the benefits of using one are, and a summary of the different models available.
Rip Fence
This is a frequent question on woodworking forums, both fence systems are very good but there are notable differences between them.
Tablesaw rip fence
capacity selection
A brief article examining the selection of a small or large (~50 inch) rip fence system for a tablesaw.
Akeda Versus Leigh
Dovetail Jig
An article describing the differences between the Akeda and Leigh dovetail jigs
The 5 Sided Cut An accurate method to check the crosscut fence for square.
Setting jointer knives How to set knives in a jointer using a dial indicator.
Setting planer knives An article on setting planers knives relative to the cutter head.
Building a blast gate An example of building your own blast gates for a dust collection system.
Rip And Rotate A process I use to make clear rift / quartersawn pine out of construction lumber.
Cabinet Saw versus a Euro Tablesaw This article is intended to detail the differences between a European Tablesaw (Hammer K3) and a typical Cabinet saw.
Dealing with Rust How to restore a cast iron machine surface with minor rust.
Shop Tool Inventory This is an inventory of the shop tools I consider to be the minimum required in order to build furniture and other woodworking projects.
Finishing This article is intended for beginners.  It describes a few basic finishing tips and specific procedures for applying 6 different finishes.
The Microsoft
Table Saw
This is a small attempt at humor, I wrote this some time ago when I was researching a computer purchase.
Woodworking with CAD A series of articles describing what CAD is, how it can be used in woodworking, along with a tutorial.