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Unlike most rip fences, the measurement cursor on the BT3100 rip fence does not allow any adjustment at the cursor. All adjustments to the measuring system are accomplished by moving the rip fence rails. This is of coarse much less convenient than adjusting the cursor. The reason it is desirable to have this sort of adjustment is that it will make the rip fence rail installation and adjustment easier and it will allow the user to easily calibrate the cursor when blade changes are made. In case you are wondering, there is a visible difference in accuracy when switching between a full and thin kerf blade.
To make the modification, the tab on the top of the original part was cut off and I removed some of it's width so that it could be installed from the front of the rip fence head instead of behind it.

I milled two 1/8" slots to attach the cursor and tapped two #4 fine thread holes in the head corresponding to the slots.  The slots give it the range of motion for alignment.

This is actually a very simple modification and well worth what little effort it takes to do.

Modified Rip Fence Cursor

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